Face Painting

For thousands of years now, man has use Face Painting to announce various states of mind to his community.  These announcements often pertained to an allegiance, an emotional commitment, a desire to celebrate or even a commitment to do battle.


These days people are using Face Painting, and it’s variants generally known as Body Art,  as an exciting form of entertainment at parties.


There is no doubt that providing Face Painting and Body art at your party will add a special type of fun and excitement that can increase your chances of making your party the success that you want it to be.

As fun as it can be, you should consider several factors before selecting a Body Art provider:

Keep it safe.  There will be a certain amount of physical contact between your kids and your body art provider.  Make sure you know who you’re dealing with and always check the references of your provider

Ask about the quality of paints and other materials.  Body artists employ a variety of products to apply their designs to your kids and other guests.  Some paints, glues, glitter and henna inks contain toxic materials.   Make sure that your provider understands the risks involved with this type of activity and that they only use Kid-Safe Products.

Review the providers work.  Each body artist has their own style.  Ask to see some photos of the work that your provider as done for other clients and make sure that their style is what you’re looking for.

Party Time Hawaii was one of the first entertainment companies to offer Body Art services for parties.  We only use the highest quality products and we make sure that those products are safe.  We employ a variety of artists and so what ever style you might be looking for, we can provide it.  We only apply kid appropriate designs for your guests.

Want to see our work?  Click here to check us out on Facebook.  Don’t have the time to go there?  Here are some examples for you to see right now:

Our body artists can provide you with any of the popular services including Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos,  Temporary Tattoos, Body Painting and Henna

Everybody loves this.  Delight your kids and guests with a Body or Face painting or a tattoo that will last several days or can be washed off at any time.

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