Airbrush Tattoos

Ever thought about getting a tattoo but not quite ready to commit?

How about getting an Airbrush Tattoo first!

With a wide range of stencils, our Airbrush Tattoos are one of our most popular services!

What is Airbrush Tattoos?

With an airbrush a non-toxic ink/paint/make-up is sprayed through a stencil onto the skin. It is alcohol based and all ingredients are cosmetic and food grade material being of a non-toxic nature.


You can expect your Airbrush Tattoos to last anywhere between 3-7 days, it all depends on how well you take care of them.




They are waterproof, but easily removed by applying olive oil or rubbing alcohol on the tattoo and then scrub it off with a washcloth.




The airbrush tattoos take only a few minutes to apply, but stay far longer than your average temporary tattoo.





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